My grandparents Oscar and Ellen Thomsen bought Høveltegård in 1938. It was a farm with 24 cows kept for milking, pigs, ducks, geese, horses and chickens. Life got easier when in the sixties my grand father bought his first tractor.

Times changed as the town got bigger, and so did life on the farm. My parents Bent and Ester Thomsen overtook the farm in 1970, but Bent did not become a farmer like his dad. Both my parents worked outside the farm, my father in Copenhagen driving back and forth trying to make both ends meet. Ester my mother worked in Gillelejes tourist office and at the same time rented out rooms on the farm. In 2002 my husband Mogens and I bought the farm and today the 4th generation Thomsen run around enjoying life with all its animals and space.

Gilleleje has grown so much that it is almost on our doorstep which makes it perfect for our guests as everything is within walking distance or a quick bike ride.

The farm is named after a field "Hovelt" northwest of the farm. My grandparents added the "e" to make it easier to pronounce.

The original farm was built in 1789-93 but has been rebuild and renovated several times. The east and north wing are from the 1930s

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